We hunt some of the most productive areas in eastern North Carolina. We hunt swamps and creeks early season for Woodies and mallards. We work with local farmers and have large parcels of farm land for snow and canada hunting. The Pamlico Sound has historically been one of the most famous areas to hunt open water ducks. The Englehard and Gull Rock area of Hyde County provides a different hunt and offer chances of taking many species of waterfowl including Sea Ducks, Divers and Puddle ducks, along with swan and geese. It is located on the western side of the Pamlico Sound near Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge. This group of birds tend to fly back and fourth between the lake, sound and the many impoundments located in the area. It can provide good shooting most of the day even on a blue bird day. We often take five or six different species on any given day. Duck hunting is in the Engelhard area and Swan, Snow Goose and Resident Geese hunting is in the Elizabeth City area.


We fish the sounds and the ocean around Oregon Inlet. We offer inshore, near shore and off shore trips in pursuit of fish species such as red drum, stipped bass, cobia, flounder, tuna, wahoo and dolphin, etc. Our 25 ft. Carolina DLV is docked at Wanchese Marina. We are kid friendly. We love to see kids catch their first and biggest fish. No fishing license required.

Hunting Rates

Duck Hunting
$400.00 (total)
groups 1 – 3
each additional person
up to 6
$100.00 each
($150 per day deposit required) 

extending your hunt to a full day with an additional fee of
$250.00. Includes hot lunch in the blind for full day.

Snow Goose Hunting

$150 per person
(minimum six people)
We can do make up groups
($50 deposit per person required)

September Resident Goose & Dove Combo Hunts

$150 per person
($50 deposit per person required)
Goose Hunt in the morning, grab breakfast
and dove hunt the rest of the day.

October Duck & Fishing Combo

$550 per day (2-4 people)
($150 per day deposit required)
Duck hunting in the morning then grab some
lunch and fishing for trout and flounder in
the afternoon.

Swan Hunts

$150 per person
Guaranteed Hunt – if you don’t kill your swan
you don’t pay anything!
($50 deposit per person required)
State Permit Required for Swan Hunts
Mastercard, Visa, American
Express and Discover Accepted


Duck Hunting
We leave the dock before sunrise and hunt until about 12:00 or until you limit out. (No refund if you limit out on birds before the end of hunt) This price is per blind. Limit 6 per blind. There is no limit to the number of people for snow goose hunts as this is done in the open field. There is no difference in prices if we hunt marsh blind stationary blind or Float Blind. Ask us what we recommend. We hunt according to what the birds are doing and Hunt where you have the best chance of having a successful hunt. Duck hunting is done in Hyde and Dare counties and Snow Goose hunting is done in the Elizabeth City area.

Sept Resident Goose & Dove Combo Hunts
For the entire month of Sept this season is a lot of fun. We start the morning off with a goose hunt. It may be in a float blind or a corn field just according to what the birds are doing. Then after lunch we go to corn fields to dove hunt the rest of the day. We often take good numbers of geese and limits of dove. The limits are 15 geese per person & 15 dove per person. We hunt the Elizabeth City area for Resident Goose and Dove hunting combos.

October Duck Season
The first Wednesday-Saturday of Oct is our early duck season. We normally take teal, pintail, shovelers, mallards and wood ducks. It’s a morning hunt and then we switch off after lunch and go flouder, trout and white perch fishing. This is done on the Pamlico Sound near Engelhard.

Open Water Duck Hunts
We hunt from float blinds and stationary blinds in the western Pamico Sound near Englehard. We set out a large stand of decoys and can provide awesome shooting at Canvasbacks, Redheads, Bluebills, Pintail, Gadwall, Wigeon, Ring necks, Teal, Black Ducks and several types of Sea Ducks. This hunting is done in the Englehard area.

Snow Goose Hunts
We hunt snows on the huge plots of farm land located in northeastern North Carolina The season runs from November threw the middle of March, however we recommend February or March. This period is when we get large numbers of geese in this area. there is no daily bag limit and you can take the plugs out of your guns. We have a very large Snow Goose spread and electronic calls which has proved to be very effective. Price for snow goose hunts are $150 per person. This hunting is done in the Elizabeth City area.

Swan Hunts
We guarantee our Swan hunts. You must get a permit from NC Wildlife. We have our swan hunts Dec and Jan. mostly in wheat fields. This hunting is done in the Elizabeth City area.

Prices do not include lodging or license see helpful hints page for additional information.

Fishing Rates - No Fishing License Required

Half Day: $400 - Inshore Fishing (up to 6 people)

Choose morning or afternoon trip (7am to 11am) or (12pm to 4pm) We fish for Trout, Flounder, Redfish, Striped Bass, Spanish Mackerel and other species in the Pamlico Sound.

Half Day: $500 - Near Shore (up to 6 people)

Choose morning or afternoon trip (7 am to 11am) or (12 pm to 4 pm). We fish for Spanish Mackerel, Blue Fish, Cobia, King Mackerel, Albacore and many other species. We are fishing in the ocean within 5 miles of the shore near Oregon Inlet.

Half Day: $500 - Shark Fishing Trips (up to 6 people)

Choose morning or afternoon trip (7am to 11am) or (12pm to 4pm) We get a large variety of sharks. Fishing just outside of Oregon Inlet.

Prices do not include lodging see helpful hints page for additional information.

Please make sure to book your lodging in the appropriate area. Duck hunting is done in Engelhard and Swan, Resident Geese and Snow Goose huting is done in the Elizabeth City area. Fishing is done in the Oregon Inlet area.